University of Tokyo master's course:Takuma Teramura

Takuma Teramura, M1

Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management,
School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo

Contact Information
E-Mail: teramura●
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Graduation Thesis (Bachelor)

First-principles simulation of the electron dynamics in small molecules induced by an attosecond laser pulse


  1. April 2016 – present              Department of Systems Innovation B course (Systems Design & Management), Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
  2. April 2013 – March 2016      Bachelor’s course, Natural Science I, The University of Tokyo


I came to be fascinated by unimaginable attosecond scale and decided to join Prof. Ishikawa & Dr. Sato laboratory.  It is a pleasure learning new things everyday, even it requires hard work.  Our lab is great for those who like to tackle the unknown.