University of Tokyo master's course: Oyuka Tugs

Oyuka Tugs, M2

Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management,
School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo


Contact Information
E-Mail: tugs●
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Current Research Theme

Simulation of coherent control with free electron laser

Graduation Thesis (Bachelor)

In silicon evaluation of ns ~ ps pulsed laser treatment of skin


  1.  March 2017     B.Eng.,Department of Sustainable Energy and Environment, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University
  2.  April 2017     Masters’ course, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, School of Engineering,
    -   present       The University of Tokyo


“Coherent control of photoelectron angular distribution of He and Ne atoms by bichromatic extreme ultraviolet laser”, The 9th Asian Workshop on Generation and Application of Coherent XUV and X- ray Radiation (9th AWCXR) , Hokkaido University, Sapporo, October 15, 2018 (Poster)


Nuclear Engineering and Management Department has such a friendly atmosphere that soon after the enrollment, I easily blended into my environment. Since I had an interest in electron movement in the extremely short period of time, I chose Ishikawa・Sato laboratory which does simulations of atoms and molecules’ interaction with latest advanced lasers. My research theme is far different from the one I did in my undergraduate years.  However, I am really enjoying it now.