International Symposium on Attosecond Science

July 30th, 2016, at Koshiba Hall, the University of Tokyo,

Tokyo, Japan

Program (tentative)

10:00-10:05     Opening remark by Kenichi Ishikawa (The University of Tokyo)

10:05-10:10    Welcome address by Makoto Gonokami (President, The University of Tokyo)

10:10-10:15    Welcome address by Ken-ichi Kitayama (The Graduate School for the Creation of New Photonics Industries)

10:15-10:20    Welcome address by Ken-ichi Ueda (University of Electro-Communications)

10:20-11:00     Paul B. Corkum (NRC Canada & University of Ottawa)  “High harmonic generation from atoms and solids”

11:00-11:30     Jiro Itatani (The University of Tokyo)   “Intense few-cycle IR sources for attosecond science: new opportunities at higher energies and in solids

11:30-12:00     Takao Fuji (Institute for Molecular Science)   “Self-referenced light wave measurement of few-cycle pulses”

12:00-12:30     Eiji J. Takahashi (RIKEN)   “Multi-color waveform synthesizer for generating microjoule-scale isolated attosecond pulses at 100 eV”

 Lunch Break

13:30-14:10     Joachim Burgdörfer (Vienna University of Technology)  “Attosecond chronoscopy of photoemission”

14:10-14:40     Daniel Haxton (University of California Berkeley)   “Progress on the MCTDHF method for polyatomic molecules with fixed nuclei and diatomic molecules with nuclear motion”

14:40-15:10     Tomohito Otobe (QST)   “Attosecond and sub-cycle spectroscopy under an intense laser field: Theory, Simulation and Experiment”

Coffee Break

 15:40-16:20     Hans-Jakob Wörner (ETH Zürich)   “Attosecond science with gases and liquids: from the extreme ultraviolet to soft X-rays”

16:20-16:50     Kiyoshi Ueda (Tohoku University)   “Ultrafast electron and molecular dynamics induced by ultrashort XFEL pulses”

16:50-17:20     Kaoru Yamanouchi (The University of Tokyo)   “Time-resolved imaging of ultrafast dynamics of small molecules”

17:20-17:25     Closing remark by Junji Yumoto (The University of Tokyo)


Admission Free.   Please email your 1) Name, 2) Affiliation, 3) Position, 4) Email address  to


Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo is about 90 minutes from Narita International Airport and 70 minutes from Haneda Airport by trains and subways.

Address: 7-3-1 Hongo Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-8656, Japan

Access to the Hongo Campus:

Koshiba Hall at the Hongo Campus:


Institute for Photon Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo/ Photon Science Center, The University of Tokyo/ RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics/ Division of Applied Physics, Graduate School of Engineering, Hokkaido University/ COI-STREAM Innovative Center for Coherent Photon Technology/ MEXT Advanced Photon Science Alliance

Supporters (under commission)

JST-CREST Advanced core technology for creation and practical utilization of innovative properties and functions based upon optics and photonics (“Advanced Photonics”)/ JST-PRESTO Fully-controlled photons and their proactive usage for new era creation (“FRONTIER”)

Organizing Committee

Kenichi Ishikawa (The University of Tokyo)/ Yasuo Nabekawa (RIKEN)/ Taro Sekikawa (Hokkaido University)/ Tomoya Okino (RIKEN)