Graduate recruitment (Ishikawa laboratory)

For Prospective Students

Welcome graduate & undergraduate (B4) students!

Ishikawa Laboratory studies the interaction of laser pulses and ion beams (heavy particle beams) with atoms, molecules, matters and living organisms through theory and simulations. We developed our own first principles of quantum mechanics, and thus recognized as one of the leading experts on atomic/ molecular dynamics in ultrashort pulses generated by high-intensity femtosecond (10-15 second) lasers and attosecond (10-18 second) lasers.

Students in our laboratory will work on:

  • Invention of new first principles of quantum mechanics (= playing with Greek alphabets using a paper and a pencil)
  • Development of numerical simulation programs (= writing C+ codes using Mac)
  • Execution of numerical simulation in order to clarify experimental results and/or predict new phenomena (= run the program and your brain to analyze of the results)

We welcome motivated students who have strong interests in our research themes to proactively pursue their research. Knowledge on physics (atomic, molecular and quantum mechanics), mathematics and programming skills are great to have but not mandatory. Even you have focused on experiments rather than theory in Bachelors or Masters level and/or you are about to learn laser and nuclear power science, please knock on our door if you are interested.

Research themes:

  • Femtosecond laser, Attosecond laser
  • High-harmonic generation, Tunneling ionization
  • Quantum mechanics, Quantum chemistry calculation
  • Heavy-ion cancer therapy

Message from our member

sawada msg
Ryohto Sawada (PhD)

Research Theme:
Analysis of many electron system under high-power laser using Bohmian trajectories

Computational physics encompasses a high degree of freedom than it appears to be. Bring your creativity, inspiration and power of ideas to make a difference in high-field physics with us!




Entrance examination

In order to study at our laboratory as a Master’s or Doctoral student, please take an entrance exam by the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management (NEM) held every August.

Guidance for the entrance exam (FY2024)

Meeting for admissions guidance will be held in a hybrid format on the dates and times listed below.

May 24 (Wed.), 17:00(JST) @ Room 31, Engineering Bldg. 3, Hongo Campus
June 3 (Sat.), 15:00(JST) @ Room 32, Engineering Bldg. 3, Hongo Campus

To participate online, please register via Google forms on

 (Meeting URL will be sent to registered email).

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