University of Tokyo mastert course: Hiromichi Hayashi

Hiromichi Hayashi, M1






Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management,
School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo





Current Research Theme

Study of Variational Quantum Algorithms for Complex Wave Functions


March 2018:  Graduated from Eiko Gakuen Junior and Senior High School
April 2018:     Enrolled in the Department of Science I, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo
March 2024:  Graduated from the Department of Systems Innovation, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo

Academic Conferences

March 13, 2024: Computational Physics Spring School (Poster Presentation)


Graduation Thesis (Bachelor)
“Efficiency Improvements in Variational Quantum Eigensolvers with Unitary Coupled Cluster Method”


March 27, 2024: Atomic Energy Society of Japan Fellowship Award


I believe that our lab is an ideal environment for students who are passionate about research. Each member is assigned a personal desktop environment, and we have a collection of relevant books and resources in the lab. We also receive generous support from our professors.