Guidance on NEM Entrance Exam

Guidance on NEM Entrance Exam

Guidance on Entrance Exam by the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management (NEM)  for AY2016

【1st】2015/5/12 (Tue)  17:00~

【2nd】2015/5/27 (Wed)  17:00~

【3rd】2015/6/13 (Sat) 14:00~

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NEM welcomes students with various background – nuclear power, energy and environment, computational science, electronics and electron, mechanics and materials, physics and chemistry, and social science etc.

Click Here for Guidance Book (PDF, 2013 version).

Admission Period (tentative)
2015/7/7 (Tue) to 7/16 (Thur)

NEM Administrative Office
TEL: 03-5841-6015
FAX: 03-5841-8713